The defeat of the communist Spartacus revolt by the Freikorps (January 1919)

“The leaders of the ‘Union of Spartacus’ Karl Liebknecht and the degenerate feminist Rosa Luxemburg, planned through the use of force (of the Communist Party of Germany), to take power in their own hands – just like their colleagues Lenin and Trotsky in Russia. They were guided by the latter, because all the funding and the organizational component came from Moscow. If the uprising was successful, Germany would have faced the same terrible Red Terror as in the former Russian Empire and the power of the Bolsheviks would have completely spread throughout Europe. However, the members of the Freikorps, WW1 veterans of the former Kaiser’s army, reacted instantly and violently. A week later, the last pockets of communist resistance were finished off. Then three days later, the Freikorps caught the frightened culprits, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. They were shot like stray cats without unnecessary procedures.” (Cherny, 2020)

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